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Creative Direction / Exploration
There is something intriguing to me when it comes to Logo design in Metal music. As the genre evolved (and new subgenres appeared) so did the visuals that follow the main theme, turning Logos into completely illegible pieces of artwork. The illegibility however suits the purpose of the music: visuals and general artistic style of genre/subgernes that are perceived (and are) as hostile - and they work so well with subjects of the music (death, violence, paganism etc). 

With this in mind I’ve started thinking about the visual elements borrowed from this type of music, the illegibility of Logo design, it’s atmosphere... and their application onto something entirely different.

I’ve started by creating the Logo pen on paper that went through it’s own metamorphosis through digital edits - a silk bug.

Completely detaching something so specific from it’s main source and attaching it to high fashion industry, colors and free hand drawings was a primary goal.

The main link is kept within the name, Charna, Slavic word that means Black.


UI/UX, Web Design, Art Direction

Digital Agency minimal design web portfolio.

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Graphic Design

Book cover design for Kontrast Publishing.
Mephala the Ranger - Interaction exploration


The Delights of Van Horn

Digital Drawings, Collages

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Digital Drawings, Collages

Poetic relation to traditional painting
Fascination for Female portraits throughout the Art History, their costumes and gestures serve as inspiration for this set of images.

The series are made out of combination of previously hand-drawn elements on paper (photographed and translated into digital form), typography and digital interventions with textures and effects on borrowed reproductions.

Everything is set in monochromatic tone where the images resemble illustrations or lazure layers on empty canvas while the blank space treatment ensures the focus and energy on the point of interest.

Borrowed elements could be familiar or unfamiliar to the observer - but the essence is still there: personal obsession over detail; the urge to take the accent of the particular composition and to turn it into something new; to reframe and rename.

The whole process became more of a personal analysis with poetic relation to traditional painting as a starting point.

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UI/UX, Web Design

Clean, Digital Art studio web design

UI / Typography explorations

Giacometti inspired e-commerce homepage: Handlavet

UI/UX, Web Design


Pressed charcoal on graphic paper

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UI / UX,Web Design;
“Me Voy”, Interactive links Photography Showcase

Book 3


Third self-published photo book; 2017

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“In the Shadow of Galatia Mountain.”

UI/ UX, Web Design
Creative Agency Portfolio

La Comete, e-commerce
UI/UX, Web Design
Editorial Layout Exploration

Self published Zine “Summer calm” ;
Book cover Illustrations for Victor Pelevin’s novels “t” and “Generation P”
   © Milica Stefanovic